Friday, September 26, 2008

(a) We have trained up a number of local people of the tourist spots as competent guides on our own initiative. They shall be with the tourists all along to explain the local history, culture, resources and characteristic features of the spots.
(b) We have ensured that excessive expenditures do not mar the pleasure and fun of the tourists. The local people at the tourist spots shall render service heartily with responsibility. The expenditures to be borne by the tourists for professional service of these local people shall be minimum.
(c) Willing tourists shall get all the necessary information in advance from our office through website, e-mail, correspondence and over phone.
Dear Friend,
Aren’t you enamoured of mother earth, of Nature, of environment? Can’t you see Nature beckoning you? We are sure, you too must have a fervent desire to enjoy the beauty of Nature, to render your little but precious service towards conversation of Nature. We promise to be with you in your enjoyment of the sheer beauty of Nature, your understanding of Nature and preservation of Nature. Aiming at environment preservation and all round development of the society through eco-tourism, we at Wave Ecotourism have selected such spots of Dibru-Saikhowa and the North East India where tourists shall enjoy programmes related to culture and tradition of various ethnic tribes, historical relics and monuments, rich bio-diversity and captivating natural beauty.